Replacement Decking – Torquay, Devon

Garden Plant Design stay just as busy over the winter months with other construction work. Here we showcase a smaller project from February ’16. The initial contact with our client was to pressure wash the decking at one of his private lets in Torquay which led to a replacement decking.

Location: Pennsylvania Road, Torquay, Devon

  • To design and construct a replacement decking for the top level.
  • Top level of decking to be the same height as the internal floor.
  • To remove and replace all top level framework.
  • To remove and replace outhouse door with uPVC door.
  • To stop outhouse for ‘puddling’.
  • To retain all posts, hand rails, gate and fence and refit.
  • To create a drainage channel under decking.

Project Timescale: 2 weeks
Key Features:

  • Easy access from house onto decking area.
  • Extending safer living space.
  • Useable, dry outhouse as utility room.
  • Natural unstained decking boards.

IMG_2124 copy

Our initial job was to just pressure wash the decking area. We started to notice that a lot of the decking boards were soft, loose or had started to rot. We called the client and asked if he wanted us to investigate.

Once we had confirmation we proceeded with a detailed report along with these photos…


We could see that the original decking had been placed directly onto an old patio with no allowance for drainage so all the silt from the roofs above would wash through and sit there.



The first level was sloping down and created a step to the second level which made the space almost unusable. The decking boards had a very tight groove design which is not ideal for shaded areas and it made the decking quite slippery.


The ‘puddling’ in the outhouse was being caused by the run off of water from the underside of the decking. The drain was being blocked by the waste coming from the kitchen sinks in the flats above and drain cover stopping it from washing away.


The second level of decking was only supported by a dabs of cement.

We sent off the report and our client opted for a new replacement decking.

Week 1:

IMG_2376 copyIMG_2383IMG_2384

We dismantle the old decking- keeping back handrails, spindles, fence panels and gate. The posts were being reused as they were still solid. To keep the framework as low as possible as to fit under the back door frame, we had to remove the remains of an old shed/greenhouse slab.

  • The drainage channel was dug out of the existing concrete, tested and remoulded with mortar.
  • The outhouse door and door frame were then cut out and a new door step built with added lead flashing to direct the water into the drainage channel.
  • The down pipe by the back door is replaced with a new longer piece, angle changed and new cover fitted with a cut out for the pipe.
  • New uPVC door ordered.

Now on with the replacement decking…

Week 2:


All framework fitted, bolted and braced. The new design is now just one single level which allow not only an air space underneath but also a much larger usable area.


Decking finished. Hand rails, spindles, fence and gate refitted followed by a mass clearing then spread out existing gravel.


New uPVC outhouse door fitted and sealed. ‘UTILITY ROOM’ is now clear and dry! Small, raised platform made from deck boards to cover large drain.




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