Patio with Potential – Brixham, Devon

Garden Plant Design stay just as busy over the winter months with other construction work. Here we showcase a patio with potential to double as an extended driveway project from February ’12. The initial contact with our clients was for a little or no maintenance option for their front garden.

Location: Hillhead Park, Raddicombe, Brixham, Devon

  • To remove the lawn and hedges.
  • Patio area with retaining a wall.
  • Patio area to be strong enough to take parked vehicles.
  • Metal railings on top of the wall to give an open look.
  • Add drainage to built up area.

Project Timescale: 4 weeks
Key Features:

  • Feature circular patio design in the center.
  • Extending living/parking space.

Week 1:


After cutting down the 5′ conifer hedge from the front of the property we then brought in plant machinery to remover the roots and dig out the foundations. The border curb stones were very loose so our next task was to reset these and back fill with concrete to the neighbours driveway. The drain covers needed to be re-aligned to the same angle as the new retaining wall and so we could tie in the drain for the patio area.

Week 2:


The start of the double-skin retaining wall including the corner pier.

Week 3:


Finished height of the wall not including the soldier course.


Our next task was to backfill the retaining wall and drain with pea gravel and then cover with soil, compacted and levelled.

Week 4:


Soldier course added and piers extended on to wall. 5 tonnes of scalping added to the base and compacted and levelled. More scalping added to access pathway ready for paving slabs.


Here we measure and mark out our centers for the circular patio feature.


Now the center circle is complete we start filling in the surrounding area with random-sized stone slabs.


Pre-pointed patio complete.


Piers extended further.


We pointed in the patio area using a red sand in the mortar to colour match the paving slabs.


Concrete cover caps added to the top for the piers and the installation of the railings.




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