Landscaped Garden in Teignmouth P3

Garden Plant Design continue the showcase of a project originally from November ’16. We return nearly a year later for Phase 2 of a landscaped garden in Teignmouth.

FOR PART 1 PLEASE CLICK HERE. Part 1 includes the Clearance, Top Patio and Pond areas.

FOR PART 2 PLEASE CLICK HERE. Part 2 includes the Fence, Pergolas, Setting out, Landscaping and planting.

Location: Hazeldown Road, Teignmouth, Devon

  • To produce a complete landscaped garden from plan
  • To clear complete garden of lawn, trees and shrubs.
  • To construct 3 patios areas and a new raised pond.
  • To blend all borders and pathways to fit with the flat patios.

Project Timescale: 6 weeks
Key Features:

  • Taking full advantage of sea views.
  • A functional and social space.

Phase 2: We arrive on a bright sunny morning to see how nearly an entire year has changed the garden…

Our clients have done a fantastic job of maintaining the garden!

So phase 2 – We will be building another stone wall raised planter and finishing off the planting to complete the garden.

‘Rockery’ Stone Planter – Day 1

We started by clearing the rocks and soil left from last year and roughly sorting them into size.

The idea of the design was to create a thin crescent shaped wall to compliment the surrounding curves of the garden. We laid a 3 inch footing not only to bed the rock on to but also for the Bamboo barrier to sit on.

The hardest thing we find with these type of walls is that we’re so used to keeping our lines as perfect as possible that when is comes to a RANDOM stone wall you just have to used your instinct and use the first stone you pick up!… or the second… or the… NO! The first one!

‘Rockery’ Stone Planter – Day 2

After finishing off the last layer of stone walling, we were ready to Backfill the Planter. First, we laid a Bamboo Barrier around the area where we will be planting some Black Bamboo – this prevents the runners from the bamboo spreading – bedding it in at the bottom with a few trowels of cement at least 400mm down. Then, backfill both sides with the soil we moved earlier and then with a lovely layer soil/compost mix to top it off.

The rest of the Soil/Compost mix was then spread around the other borders ready for tomorrow’s planting.

Final Day – Planting Up – Day 3

We started by mixing the soil/compost mix into the original soil and then the planting. Clematis for the pergolas.

Holly, Mahonia, Black Bamboo and a few small grasses for the new Stone wall planter.

We added some Pyracantha Orange Glow around the lawn area – the berries will look beautiful.

Buxus plants in border

Buxus sempervirens and Cypress Trees (Cupressus sempervirens) along the back fence.

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum Orangeola) next to the pond.

Rhododendrons (Horizon Monarch & Monarch Pale) near the entrance way.

This has truly been an amazing project to work to and knowing how well our clients have looked after the garden over the past year, we’re sure it will continue to look as beautiful for years to come.


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