Landscaped Garden in Teignmouth P1

Garden Plant Design showcase a project from November ’16. The initial contact from our friends at Fine Design was to construct a whole new landscaped garden in Teignmouth.

Location: Hazeldown Road, Teignmouth, Devon

  • To produce a complete landscaped garden from plan
  • To clear complete garden of lawn, trees and shrubs.
  • To construct 3 patios areas and a new raised pond.
  • To blend all borders and pathways to fit with the flat patios.

Project Timescale: 5 weeks
Key Features:

  • Taking full advantage of sea views.
  • A functional and social space.

Clearance: A very damp Tuesday morning.

Start of landscaped garden in Teignmouth

The Before pictures


A view of the inside of the garden.



And so the mass destruction begins…






The end of the first day. Now it’s time for the Big Toys…

Day 2: Wednesday morning and it’s going to get LOUD!


Nick, our digger driver taking out the first part of the old patio.


Dale, Loading up the Chipper


Wayne & Morgan, from Stump Out, taking care of the tree stumps left behind.




End of Day 2. Stump Grinder, Mini Digger, Chipper, 2 Skips and 4 men later and have our blank canvas!

The Top Patio Area

Finished patio and pathway

The Pond Area


We started by setting out the pond area equidistant from the house and the outside wall. This is going to be a raised pond so footings needn’t be so deep but we still have to find a level.

Building of the pond 1

Once we found our level we dug down another 6 inches or so and back-filled with concrete.

Building of the pond 2

Now the concrete is set, we take the central soil away to make it easier for constructing the raised pond.

Building of the pond 3

First few courses on and levels are spot on!

Building of the pond 4

Brickwork all finished – just to clean up for the liner…

Building of the pond 5

Building of the pond 6

First, we put in an inch layer of sand to help soften the corners followed by a barrier lining – slightly cushioned – to protect the pond liner from the shop brickwork. Another 2-3 inches of sand was then added before the final liner.

Building of the pond 7

The pond liner was pushed in to the pond and folded evenly around the edges. The edging stones were then cemented in place. An overnight water test proved successful and there you have it!


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