What to do in your garden this month – August

August is usually the time of year where you’d rather be sitting back and enjoying all your hard work in the garden but there are still a few things to keep in mind to keep it looking good.

Your Lawn in August

  • If you would like a fine finish to your lawn then cut more than once a week. Any weeds should be removed and, if required, the holes filled with a gritty compost followed by a small amount of grass seed being raked in.
  • When the weather is dry and hot, ideally the grass should be kept slightly longer by setting the blades a little higher.
  • Prepare sites for new lawns, as towards the end of the month and into early September is an ideal time for sowing. The area should be level, free from large stones and weeds.
  • It is very important to remove perennial weeds as these will be difficult to control until the lawn is established.
  • Where perennial weeds are growing, spray with a weedkiller containing Glyphosate a few weeks before commencing soil cultivation. This will allow any re-growth to be treated for a second time.

Now that the growth of your lawn has slowed down, time to catch up on the rest of your garden.

Weeding including using weed killer on patios and pathways. paying attention to the label as regarding pets.

Trimming of small hedges and bushes – obviously not the ones in bloom! 🙂

Pots, Baskets and Containers in August

  • Thoroughly water at least once a day making sure the compost doesn’t dry out completely.
  • As compost can become bone dry in smaller terracotta pots than larger plastic pots any water will run straight off.
  • It is, therefore, ideal to place pots, baskets, containers in a bowl, bath or even water butt leaving them in soak thoroughly for a short while.
  • Also, just because it may rain, the compost could still remain dry due to foliage not allowing the water through.

Flowers in August

  • Some hardy annuals such as calendula, eschscholzia and myosotis can be sown direct in their flowering positions obtain early flowers next spring/summer.
  • Seeds of perennial plants that can be sown now include cheiranthus (siberian wallflower), cyclamen hederifolium and potentilla.
  • For colourful pot plants in the home, plants of cactus, cineraria, cyclamen, coleus and schizanthus can be raised from seed sown this month.
  • Wild Flowers are becoming popular and sowings of cowslips and primroses should be made in trays, placing in a cold frame.
  • Feverfew and field cornflower can be sown where they are required to flower.
  • Use bamboo canes to support stems of tall perennials and lilies.
  • Deadheading of roses should be done regularly, and flowers trimmed just above the top leaf on the stem. Stem cuttings can also be taken for propagating.

If you have a question about a project in your garden, please feel free to Contact us and ask.

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